Beneath a Steel Sky

April 21, 2018

In this episode we stop back in 1994. Blur and Oasis were slugging it out for number one spot in the charts. Noel's House Party was in full swing, and a stealth classic was making its debut on the PC and Amiga - the name of this phantom power-puzzler? Beneath a Steel Sky, the classic from Revolution Studios, the makers of the Broken Sword series. 

Join me as we take a look at what went on to bring this game to life. 

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April 7, 2018

In this episode we travel in our virtual TARDIS to go back to the early 1990s to investigate Nintendo's Pilotwings - the popular launch title that flew into our lives along with the Super Nintendo. For comments tweet me @gamedumppodcast, or check out my website where you can find an essay version of this podcast over on

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Will Harvey’s The Immortal

March 24, 2018

In this episode we take a look back at Will Harvey's classic The Immortal - the Dark Souls of its day. Join us as we take a micro look inside of the game that still has a vibrant cult following after all these years. Comments or suggestions of future classics to cover? You can reach me @gamedumppodcast or on @glenfandango on Twitter.